Thursday, December 31, 2009

my resolutions for 2010

First off, happy new year to everyone! It's now 2010 - we have another year to rock out and just be our fantabulous selves! As usual, since today marks the start of a new year, everyone's into making their resolutions so I'm joining the bandwagon! Haha!

I had no plans to go out during the Christmas break so most of my time was spent online - checking my Facebook account, going through my favorite forums and researching about not-so-important stuff.

While looking for stuff to do in Facebook, I chanced upon an application from Coke Zero where you would post your resolutions for the coming year and if yours was chosen to be the one of the best, you might even win an exclusive iPod Nano especially designed for Coke plus a Nike + iPod Kit. 

I didn’t join for the prize since as mentioned in my earlier post, I already have these babies. I just thought that this is a good exercise for me to really ponder on the things I need to do for my personal improvement. The first five resolutions on this list are the ones I shared through the Coke Zero application (Hence, it is more formally written):

  • I shall not dilly-dally and start working on what I have to do as soon as possible.
  • I shall do what I can to help save the environment. The small things such as bringing a shopping tote, segregating trash, and reusing the old stuff can already do wonders.
  • I shall not perceive singlehood as a curse, but rather a blessing to pursue to pursue the things I want and be the best person I can be. Live life to the fullest!
  • Finish 1 book per quarter to enhance my vocabulary and reading comprehension.
  • Learn how to drive so I won't have to rely on my dad to pick me up after late-night gimmicks.
  • Learn how to jump rope since this is a good form of exercise.
  • Write in my blog regularly, at least 1 entry per week, to keep this space updated and practice my writing skills.
  • Short-term (i.e. must be accomplished by January): Finish the remaining 9  sessions of boxing at Elorde
  • Join at least 2 10-km runs to test my endurance and running skills.
  • Cook for my family at least once a month to develop my cooking skills
  • Lose fats on my midsection, arms, and hips – buy a set of dumbbells, do the 2-minute ab workout every morning and before sleeping

And last but not the least…
  • Have a boyfriend so I can win the bet with my co-worker [Well, I ain’t got a problem if I don’t achieve this, it’s okay to give them a more expensive gift for their wedding.]

So there you have it. I guess this list of things to do will already keep me busy for the whole year that I won’t really feel the need for a partner. Yey!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

food find: christmas dilly bar is love!

After going to the dentist for my root canal (which is not yet done, btw; I still have to go back on Monday) and Baclaran to get some Chinese meds, I headed to Gateway for a meet-up with the person who bought my PDA. On my way back to the train station, I happened to pass by a DQ stall in Farmer's Plaza. A small poster of their new product caught my eye but I didn't give much attention until I realized that there's a phrase "mint chocolate" in it. Since I'm such a sucker for mint chocolates (Kendi Mint was my cheap comfort food.), I took a few steps back and bought myself one.


For just Php35 a pop, who can resist this lovely treat? As soon as I took my first bite, I instantly felt bliss. I walked around the mall while munching on my sweet find. Happiness indeed.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

gadget find: goodbye creative, hello ipod!

I had long been a user of Creative because it offers a lot of features as compared to its more popular rival, the iPod, which only functions as an mp3/mp4 player (then).

My first Creative was the Zen Stone Plus which was very handy and stylish since I used to wear it around my neck making it look like a pendant.

For a size that small, I was really amazed that it already has a voice recorder, an FM radio, and stopwatch among its other features. However, it just stopped working one fateful day. I  didn't anticipate its death to be so soon because I only had it for 2 years and it was still playing perfectly a day before that.

Since I really can't bear not listening to music while commuting, I finally decided to get a replacement. I did a lot of research prior to my purchase and found my perfect match in Creative Zen X-Fi:

This baby is packed with lots of features: a video player, photo viewer, voice recorder, FM radio, calendar, SD card slot, speaker and of course, the X-Fi technology which claims to enhance your listening experience. My thoughts on this technology? Well it makes a difference in the sound quality but if your mp3 is a bad copy to begin with, then the only effect you'll have is that it makes the sound louder than usual.

Here's my take on this mp4 player which has been with me for 6 months:

  • Remarkable sound quality. I appreciated the X-Fi Technology more whenever I listened to Chillout/Bar Lounge music since even the most minor of sound details can be heard clearly.
  • Size is perfect for watching movie. It's also small enough making it really portable.
  • You can expand the memory through its memory card slot. Since I only bought the 8GB version, I bought a 16GB SD card to store my videos and other photos.
  • It's plug and play! Unlike the ipod, you won't need iTunes to transfer your music files from your PC to your player.
  • Really clear voice recording!
  • The loudspeaker was also very useful and the sound quality is not compromised.
The BAD:
  • It got busted 3 months after using it so I had to return it to Villman to have it repaired. After 1 month of waiting, I finally got a replacement. Then I've lost interest in it so I sold it instead.
  • There are some useless buttons.
  • If you're playing music/video from an SD card, it will stop when you navigate to other menus.
  • You had to convert the video to a certain format before you can play it. The video converter found in the CD was virtually useless so I had to download another media encoder.
  • The earphones that came with the unit was substandard since I only got to use it for 3 months. Yikes!
I would have kept the unit if it didn't get busted. But it was also blessing in disguise because it gave me a reason to buy the new iPod 5th Gen!

Finally, Apple has come out with everything that I've been looking for in an mp4 player! It even has a pedometer and video recorder to boot! Now I ain't got a reason not to buy that, eh?

My iPod has been with me for less than a month and until now, I still find it such a hassle to sync my music files through iTunes. Really a bummer since I've been used to Creative's plug and play. But aside from that, my MAJOR gripe is the loudspeaker! Ugh, it really pains my ears that I wanted to throw the thing away! I don't know why it has such bad loudspeaker since the sound quality is good whenever it's attached to earphones or a portable speaker. My PDA or even cellphone speaker sounds better than this! Yikes!

But I super love the Nike+iPod kit. Keeps me motivated to run more! Yey!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

food find: wicked treats from wicked kitchen

Christmas is in the air once again! Of course, the block can't miss having a Christmas party. Initially, my blockmates were considering Banapple in Il Terrazzo, however, when I called them up, I was informed that they don't offer reservations. So as I was chatting with my friend Karen via Facebook to finalize the plans, I was also searching for other restaurants in Timog or Tomas Morato area since Karen's place is along Mother Ignacia.

Thanks to Google, I chanced upon this restaurant called "Wicked Kitchen" and their spunky name has definitely called my attention. I did further research and my curiosity for the place grew even further as I read lots of positive reviews. Since none from the block offered other suggestions, I asked my two colleagues if they already agree with Wicked Kitchen, fortunately, they conceded so we updated everyone about the change in our dinner venue.

The place was kinda small but good thing all 14 of us fit comfortably in the dining area. Good thing we also made a reservation since the place might already be too crowded if we just walked in.

Pa-cute with the menu

Bloggers have been raving about their best-sellers: Fish and Chips, Ex's Lasagna, Firestarters and the famous Beef and Beer Pie. Since I wanted to try out something different, I opted for Mushroom Chicken Pie. Besides, chicken was also a healthier option and I also like to have a puffed pastry to replace rice. Some of my friends who were also not familiar with the place asked for my recommendations and I gave the above-mentioned dishes based on my limited knowledge. Others ordered Beef Salpicao, Sisig Rice, and Chicken Teriyaki, and I was glad that they loved their meals! Wee!

Mushroom Chicken Pie (P172)

I must say that this dish is really comforting. This reminds me of Chicken a la King because of the carrots and rich white cheesy sauce. It was also served really hot so I believe this is perfect for the rainy days. Although I just thought that the fries that came along with it was not enough, probably they could add more. :)

 Gluttony (P135)

Of course, I wouldn't leave Wicked Kitchen without trying out their famous Gluttony dessert! We just ordered the single serving since my colleagues are not fond of sweets. We had to wait for around 20 minutes though since they still had to bake it. But when it came, wow, it was huge! Definitely, not just for one person! Good thing I shared it with another friend.

When I took the first bite, the best word to describe it is heavenly! The cookie was crusty on the outside but inside was really chewy and the chocolatey goodness just seeps out as you chew on it. Mmmm... The whipped cream and mantecado ice cream complemented the chocolate cookie very well since they toned down the richness of the chocolate and the contrasting temperature (hot from the cookie and cold from the ice cream) was really soothing to the palate.

  • Really delicious food! I was glad that my friends were satisfied too.
  • Drinks are not that expensive!
  • Nice ambiance. I love color black and red plus the soft yellow lighting.
The BAD:
  • A little expensive. Definitely not for students' budget. 
  • There's still a 5% service charge.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

shopping find: giordano brights for world vision

After visiting the dentist to finish the procedure on my tooth, I decided to go with my sister who was supposed to buy me a vitamin C serum for my recently lasered facial skin. When we got to the mall, we immediately headed to Healthy Options for Avalon C Vitality serum. Since I've also read from Girltalk that Zinc helps in healing the skin and preventing breakouts, I also bought a bottle of Zinc Picolinate.

As we were heading to a resto for our merienda, I saw this poster displayed in a Watch Republic store:

The cute watch design plus the affordable price caught my eye so I asked my sister if she was also interested to get one. Since I could sense that she also liked it but was only hesitant since she didn't have the budget for it, I offered to pay for it first through my credit card. We went inside the store to ask if these babies were still available but unfortunately, we were told that it was already sold out. Since I knew that Watch Republic also holds a concession inside the department store, I decided to try our luck if these were available there.

Fortunately, there were still 4 designs available at the department store! Wee! Actually, while we were on our way there, my sister and I have already been discussing which ones we're getting. I told her I wanted to get red since it's my favorite color but she asked if she could get it instead since her school uniform is already blue and she wanted the color of her watch to be different. Being the selfless sister (ahem!), I conceded and opted to have the blue one instead. Since we have already decided which ones to get, it was already easy for us to choose the watches we wanted to try on.

I was pleased with how the blue watch looked on my wrist so I didn't have any hard feelings toward my sister for not getting the red one which I originally wanted. My sister too was very happy with her new watch since it looked different and attention-grabbing. [While we were strolling inside the mall, wearing our watches, she told me that she could see some people staring at her watch. :)]

When we got home, I told my sister to check the Toywatch website to check how the design was very similar to the former. I've been telling her that I've been longing to have a Toywatch since I first saw it in Oprah [since it was one of her favorite things] but it was too expensive for my budget so it just remained a longing ever since. Good thing, we have found this cheaper alternative from a reputable brand, Giordano. Yey!

Check the design of this original Toywatch:

Very similar, eh? Thank you for coming out with a Toywatch dupe! :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Win Laser Hair Removal and TCA Peel Treatments!

Great news!

My fellow girltalker, herroyalbleakness is currently having a contest! I'm really hoping to be one of the lucky winners of the Laser Hair Removal treatment so I can finally raise my arms high confidently!

Just click this link to join this contest: The Beauty Bin contest

Good luck to all of us!

Friday, November 20, 2009

tokyo cafe treat

I almost forgot that it's my mom's birthday today since I promised to watch New Moon (or 2012) with my blockmates the other day. Tsk tsk. To appease myself for this personal guilt, I decided to treat my mom for dinner in MOA since I know that she has never been there. I was initially considering "Bed Scene" because I really wanted to have a non-traditional dining experience (with dim lights, underwater ambiance, and sitting on beds with pillows) for a change. However, I realized that my mom and sister might not be too comfortable with this kind of set-up since the place is really intended for friends to hangout while drinking beer and other cocktails.

After reading positive reviews in some blogs and in Girltalk, I decided to make a reservation in Tokyo Cafe instead. Every time I go to MOA, I've always been tempted to try this out because of the cute artificial food displays in front of their restaurant, finally I got to eat here at last!

Here are the stuff we got:

Iced Chocolano (P121) for my mom

Mango Smoogee (P125) for my sister

Tokyo Afogard (P105) for me - 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with espresso

I just wanted to try it out for size but I won't order this again since it didn't really achieve its purpose as a drink.

Pasta Napolitan (P215)

The taste is just so-so. Besides, I'm not a fan of tomato-based pastas because of my digestion problem.

Salmon Cream Pasta (P225)

I was kinda disappointed with this dish since it was bland and the salmon was not cooked well. This was supposed to be for sharing but I was the only one who ate this.

Very Berry Crepe (P105)

You can never go wrong with berry-flavored crepe!

Choco Banana Parfait (P105)

  • The food is not very expensive. You can probably pull off a date for two with less than P1,000 (for a hefty meal already less if you exclude drinks and dessert).
  • There's no service charge and the VAT is already part of the pricing so you won't be surprised once you received the bill.
  • Nice ambiance (although it was kinda noisy since there were some groups who went there to celebrate something). I am not a fan of restaurants with harsh lightings and the soft yellow lights are definitely pleasing to my eyes.
The BAD:
  • Slooooow service. We had to wait for more or less 30 minutes before our first meal was served. It also took some time for them to process my credit card payment.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ateneo sesqui cross-country run

Since I’ve been receiving newsletters from the Alumni Association through “The Blue Post,” I got to know about the upcoming fun run in Ateneo for the benefit of funding the scholarships of 500 students. Owing my free education to Ateneo, I realized that I should join this fun run as a way of giving back.

At first, I was hesitant to join since the first press release was that the fee was P350 for a 2.8k run without a singlet. Thinking that the fee was a bit expensive given such deals, I already didn’t consider joining anymore. Since running is still a fad in the office, some invited me to join the Animo run and Timex run. I almost signed up for Animo run but I was not quite comfortable of wearing a La Salle jersey. Not that I have anything against La Salle nor I am one of the staunch believers of school rivalry, even if it was any other school, I would still feel uncomfortable wearing something that does not represent my alma mater. The Timex run, on the other hand, was quite expensive with a fee of P500 since they are bringing the technology of microchips to accurately measure each runner’s time. I’ve been telling them that my threshold for running fees is P350 – I won’t consider joining a race with a fee more than (at least for a 5k run).

However, I changed my mind upon reading another issue of “The Blue Post” saying that a 5k route was already open and there would be free singlets to the first 1,000 registrants. Without worrying if I’d come alone or not, I immediately signed up for fear of not receiving the limited singlets. While doing her usual rounds of asking us for our lunch orders, Ms Sally asked me when I would sign up for the Animo run since some of my officemates already submitted their application forms. I told her that I wouldn’t join anymore since I already signed up for the Ateneo fun run on the same day. Since she wanted to be with me, she told me to sign her up also and I volunteered to pay for her registration since I would use my credit card.

Since I knew that my dad could be lazy to drive for me, I already prepared myself to commute via the MRT and LRT. I even asked Ms Sally to meet me at Mini Stop so we could ride the tricycle together. But fortunately, he was kind enough to drive me all the way to Ateneo High School area. Since I couldn’t meet her in Mini Stop as we initially planned, I sent a text to Ms Sally that I already went ahead and was waiting for her near the registration booth.

While waiting for my companion, I asked one of the people at the registration booth if I could still change my route to 5k since I registered according to my age bracket and I probably overlooked that I was supposed to register in the Open category so I could run for 5k. Since the technical team has not yet arrived, they just asked me to wait for them so I could have my route changed. So while waiting, I decided to open my race packet and I was quite disappointed to see that the size was medium! The size was so large on me that the length was way past my mid-thigh and the arm hole was till my torso. Really ugly. I approached them again to ask if I can replace my singlet size since in the first place, what I indicated in the online registration was size Small and I even called their office to change the size to Extra Small after reading in certain blogs that the sizes were quite big. I was disappointed to know that they didn’t have small sizes anymore so I had no choice but to bear with the humungous singlet. Since I was also carrying a bag, I also asked them where the baggage counter was. Alas, they didn’t realize that they needed to have a baggage counter! The seemingly panicking volunteer asked me to wait for their advice and gave me a double-sided tape where she wrote my singlet number.

Worried that Ms Sally might not make it on time, I tried calling her phone but it was already unattended. It was then that I realized that she might have backed out the last minute. Hence, I was officially alone in this race. Since I am an independent woman, I didn’t let the thought of being alone bug me. As soon as I got the advice from a volunteer that the technical team was already there and I could already leave my bag, I proceeded to the designated room immediately. After changing my route to 5k, I asked one of the volunteers again where the baggage counter was but alas, they still didn’t know where to place it that time so they requested me to wait inside the room first. A couple of minutes have passed and they already told me to leave my things inside the other room. Since I was thirsty and the drinking fountains barely had water, I asked them where I could get drinking water. Seeing how demanding I could be, the volunteer who assisted me with my baggage gave me a bottle of drinking water. I downed it immediately and almost finished it but I controlled myself thinking that I might feel the urge to pee during the race.

The race began at around 6 am and after a few meters of running, I immediately felt thirsty and my mouth was unbearably dry. As such, I walked for the most part and just ran for a couple of meters. Also my shoe laces kept on getting loose so I had to tie them every now and then, as a result, I was stalled most of the time and I’ve been losing my momentum. Based on the results I got from the website, I finished the race with a time of 37 minutes and 26 seconds. Yeah, that’s slow, but I think that’s not quite bad at all considering that I’ve walked for 60% of the race. Yay!

The 2.8k race began a few minutes after I finished the race. And I learned just recently that Ms Sally saw me cross the finish line but she didn’t bother to call me anymore since their race was about to start. I didn’t change my sweaty clothes immediately, instead, I just sat in one of the benches to see if I would come across people I know or if I would chance upon the guy who kept staring at me during the bonfire [too bad we didn’t even had the chance to talk since I found him cute].

Saturday, November 14, 2009

la mesa eco park + wellness trip

Despite the urge to sleep more so I can unload all the stress I got during the week, I fought off the lazy bug and still left the house early for the ocular inspection and planning for the teambuilding activity of my org. I opted to take the Skyway jeep (despite the threat of pollution and soot going into my face) instead of the shuttle since I might need to wait long if I rode in the latter. 

While walking on my way to the building, I’ve been texting Ms Sally so I’d know if she could make it on time. We waited for others to arrive and then rode in one of the company vans. To keep ourselves entertained during the long travel, we talked about a variety of topics – Philamlife’s employee privileges during the old times, photography, getting a husband, etc. After an hour on the road, we finally reached La Mesa Eco Park. 

It was my first time to go there and part of the reason for joining the Teambuilding committee was the opportunity to visit La Mesa Eco Park. Since this was still a private property, we had to pay P50.00 entrance fee, but Philam Foundation took care of that. The place was huge and surprisingly, there were a lot of families and groups of friends having picnics and hanging out in the area. There were also photographers taking shots of models and couples probably about to get married (awww…). We roamed around the area and convened in the Narra Pavilion to plan for the activities to be included in the Teambuilding activity. 

We left the venue at around lunch then ate at Mang Inasal. I joined the group who went back to UN and since it was still early in the afternoon, I thought of going to Richter Wellness Center in Buendia. Finally, I’d get to experience colonics since I really want to get rid of the toxins in my intestines and I was also hoping that it can help with my gas problem (constant burping and farting). I waited for more than an hour since there were still clients being served. Apparently, the service was in demand since the colonics room was always occupied.
At last, I was already called to go inside the colonics room. I was asked to change to a patient’s gown exposing my rear. I lay down on the bed and I became a bit nervous after seeing the assistant putting some lubricant on a cylindrical tube [similar to an inhaler but longer and thicker] which would be inserted to my anus. Three… Two… One… The tube finally made its way inside. My anus was officially devirginized. The machine was then turned on and water started flowing through the tube while the other assistant was securing it below my rear to ensure that it won’t be dislocated. 15 minutes had passed and the water has not yet turned murky. The assistants suspected that wastes on my intestinal walls have probably hardened making it hard for the running water to disintegrate. The whole process took around 40 minutes and not much waste came with the water. After the tube was taken out, I was asked to go to the restroom so I could force the remaining water out. I stayed inside the restroom for about 15 minutes and I felt like I was vomiting through my anus. When I got out, I was asked to drink a bottle of Yakult which had an ant and a gel capsule which I thought was Vitamin E [it was garlic capsule]. I was asked how I was feeling and I told them that I somehow felt lighter and I’m looking forward to succeeding sessions.

After colonics, I was approached by one of the nurses so she can already insert the Vital C drip to my left vein. While waiting, the head doctor asked me to go inside her office so she could perform the consultation. She checked my iris using a small flashlight and told me that I have digestive problems. An assistant also got a blood sample from my finger and it was placed under a microscope connected to a TV. I then saw my blood cells on the screen and it seemed to be elongated and clustered. There were also some moving organisms which meant that my blood had some bacteria. The doctor pointed me to a chart with pictures of different conditions of blood cells. The normal blood cells were round and had ample space between one another. Apparently, mine was not normal. As suspected, the shape and the clustered appearance of my blood cells were caused by my dysfunctional digestive enzymes. Hence, she advised me to change my diet to mostly raw foods and juice from certain fruits and vegetables. She also asked me to purchase several supplements to help soften the hardened wastes on my intestinal walls: Vital K, Charcoal, Bitter Melon, and Balance Gel for a total of P1,600 but she gave me a discount so it went down to P1,400. 

When I was done with the consultation, I headed to the airconditioned room while waiting for the entire dextrose to finish. Gosh, I didn’t expect that the process would take three bloody hours. To pass the time, I started typing notes for my blog, sleeping, and sometimes, just staring at the ceiling thinking about immaterial stuff. I got out of the building at around 9pm and I got a bit scared when I saw that the road in front of the building barely had light and there were not much people in the area. Despite the worry for possible hold-uppers, I just sharpened my senses and waited for a public vehicle to bring me to my destination. The jeepneys were all going fast so despite giving them hand signals, they didn’t seem to notice me. Fortunately, I chanced upon an FX which was still looking for passengers so I finally got a ride. I was seated in front beside a cute guy who seemed younger than me and apparently, he was with the people in the middle seat since they were teasing him about me. Even though he fits my type of guy in a physical aspect (athletic, tall, cute), I didn’t mind him and didn’t give him even the slightest clue that I like him because I don’t like younger guys. And of course, as expected, he didn’t make a move. Oh well, not a loss. 

At last, we already reached MOA and I walked briskly towards the jeepney terminal going to Bicutan. When I got home, my family didn’t have a clue on what I subjected myself into.

Friday, November 13, 2009

shopping finds: esprit watch + ck eyewear

It's Friday the 13th but "the day of bad luck" didn't stop me to shop! As mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve been looking forward to the Privado sale in One Esplanade since I needed to buy a watch. Good thing my officemate dropped by our area and I learned that he was also headed to MOA that night, so I went with him riding a cab. 
When I arrived at the venue, I was surprised that it was a glitzy event. I was expecting that since it was a sale event, it would be similar to the set-up in an ABCI sale or a bazaar at the World Trade Center. Apparently, the program lineup included a fashion show and a charity auction. There were gorgeous models (Brazilian, I assume), businessmen, diplomats, and socialites who graced the venue. I was quite relieved that I somehow dressed up so I won’t look like I didn’t have the capacity to pay for the items I’ll get. [Back in college, I already had a bad experience in Landmark where the saleslady implied such when I asked her about the price of an ODM watch.] 
Before I entered the dim room with flashy colorful lights and smoke effects, I was asked to fill out their online registration form so I could have the chance to win a watch or a leather card holder. As soon as I stepped inside, I immediately looked for the location of the watches on sale. I roamed around the venue and it seemed that the items were mostly eyewear. Unfortunately, there were only two booths for the watches so I had very limited choices. Most of the watches were for guys and watches for ladies only occupied a single display panel. Not wanting to leave the place empty-handed, I looked intently at the ladies watches on display to find the one that would suit me. At last, after trying on a couple of watches, I fell for the Esprit watch with black faux leather strap and round face surrounded by Swarovski crystals. I told the SA that I’d already get the watch and would go back to pay for it after checking out other items. Since my gym bag has been quite a hassle to bring around, I sneakily left it under the display panel where I got the Esprit watch since there was no baggage counter.

I roamed around to see if I could buy an eyewear since I just realized the importance of wearing shades after talking to my friend who now has an eye problem. The first stall I stopped by sold Gucci shades which had lovely designs that fit the frame of my face but also had a steep price of an average of P12,000++. I also checked the eyewear from Elle, Prada, Ray ban, and Burberry, but they were either too expensive for my budget or don’t look appropriate for me. Finally, I chanced upon Calvin Klein sunglasses and found my match in sort of Jackie O shades with Swarovski crystals on the side. I have to admit, I am really a sucker for anything that glitters. Diamonds (or in this case, crystals) are indeed a girl’s best friend. Despite the impractical price (P8,490 original price with 20% discount so I only paid P6,792), I still bought it thinking that since I’ve been working for more than 2 years now, I should already possess at least one luxury item and this sunglasses fits the bill. Besides, single purchases beyond P5,000 can be paid in 6 months installment so I was not very worried.

After completing my laundry list, I went back to the Esprit counter and got the receipt for my watch. I checked the bag I left on the floor and was relieved that it was still laying there peacefully. I then proceeded to the cashier where installments were accepted and I was told that I couldn’t be accommodated that time since there were still a couple of customers before me and they were having problems with their POS which needed to be handled manually that time. To avoid wasting time, I went to other cashiers who processed straight payments so I could pay first for the watch which cost P2,632 (from original price of P3,290). After paying for the watch, I went back to the only terminal where deferred payments are processed, alas, the technical glitch was not yet resolved so I really had no choice but wait for my turn. Good thing I saw a chair on the side and pulled it near the cashier so I could sit while waiting. Other customers came pouring in and stood next to me. After a couple of minutes, the sales assistant standing in the area finally realized that they needed to offer chairs to those who are waiting in line. While waiting for my turn, I sent a text message to my dad asking if he could drop by top pick me up since there were no public transpo available in the area. I also called him but he didn’t answer my calls. Disappointed, I decided to call one of the trusted taxi companies given by my officemate. I was taken aback by how the person on the other line answered the phone. He sounded grumpy even if I asked him in a pleasant voice. Ugh.
While thinking of possible ways to go home, I went back to my seat and continued to wait. Suddenly, an announcement was made about a bag left unattended. The description: grayish blue bag with flower design. Yay, it was my gym bag! I immediately excused myself and went to the area near the entrance where the bag was placed. After seeing my bag lying on the floor beside the fire extinguisher, I told the guard that I was the owner of the bag announced earlier. To check the authenticity of my claim, the guard asked me about the contents of the bag and I told him that there were black Nike shoes, gym clothes and a charger at the front pocket. Convinced, he was already about to give me the bag but he had to seek clearance first from the old woman who didn’t seem to mind me. Thinking of the hassle and shame while carrying the bag, I asked the guard if I could leave the bag with him while I paid for the items I bought. He said it was not allowed so I really had no choice but to take in all the embarrassment of bringing it with me.
A few more minutes of waiting and at last, it was already my turn to pay. While standing near the counter, the straps of the slingback shoes that I bought on sale 2 days ago kept on falling so I had to fix them every now and then. After doing so, I realized that I’ve been doing something really stupid. It finally occurred to me that I wasn’t able to take off the price tag of the shoes I was wearing! What’s worse, the print of the price tag was HUGE – bold and red. Yuck! Realizing that, I immediately looked at the people around me to see if anyone was looking at my direction and probably noticed my stupidity. At that time, no one was looking at me but this didn’t give me any relief since I was sure that there were people who have noticed since I’ve been fixing the straps frequently while roaming around earlier.
As soon as I finished paying for the sunglasses, I went outside the room to call my dad again. Alas, he ignored my calls again. Irate, I called the 3 other taxi companies in my phonebook and unfortunately, I was not successful in contacting any of them. Since it was almost 10pm, walking towards MOA was not an option anymore, besides, I was also wearing high heels and got some valuable items with me. Hence, I sought the help of the guard to get a cab for me. The cab he got refused to drive all the way to Paranaque so I told him that I can settle for Ayala instead. It was quite a long travel since the cab driver chose to traverse inner roads because he was worrying about the traffic along the main roads. Bad decision.
I arrived at Ayala terminal a little past 10:30pm. I was so hungry since the last meal I’ve eaten was during lunch. Thank goodness there was still a shuttle available so the way to Bicutan was a little bit more convenient compared to taking a bus. Afterwards, I took the jeep and while inside, I was keeping a close eye on the valuable items with me. Thank God nothing bad happened and I was able to get home safely. I got irate when I saw that the car and the other vehicle were just inside the garage, meaning, my dad was just inside the house. I really felt bad that my dad just ignored my calls and allowed me to commute late at night. Tsk tsk. Good thing I’m Ms Independent.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

could pixel be the solution?

Finally, after the failed mission last night, I already got to pay for the pixel sessions at Skin Care Solutions. When I called their clinic to inquire a few days ago, it seemed that the doctor was quite hesitant in accepting credit card payment even though her secretary already confirmed this through text. I explained to the doctor that I had a very tight budget then and my cash was already allotted for other purposes. She considered my reason and allowed me to pay for the 2 sessions using my trusty Citi plastic.

While I was waiting for my payment to be processed, I mentioned to her that I had already undergone pixel laser procedure last August in Makati Med. However, despite the “glow” it gave my face, the depressed scars are still very prominent and I still get very conscious especially under overhead lighting [e.g. elevator lighting!]. She made me go near her to check if the scars were indeed bad. She assured me that they were barely noticeable and I didn’t need to undergo the procedure. I reasoned that I was wearing concealer then that’s why the scars were less prominent.

Honestly, these scars are really driving me crazy! I know this might sound petty for some but I just can’t take my mind off my facial blemishes. Having these pesky pimples, scars, and dark marks affect me deeply since I think that people I meet are bothered by these flaws. I sometimes catch the eye of some people not looking in my eyes but in my cheeks where the scars are mostly concentrated. I also tend to compare myself with other girls who have flawless skin, and it’s very seldom that I see girls suffering from the same skin condition that I have. Whenever I look at those girls with smooth and almost poreless skin, I can’t help but get envious of their seemingly effortless beauty since they can afford not to wear makeup to conceal blemishes. Besides, I know most guys fall for girls with smooth skin since having blemishes sort of implies not taking good care of oneself.

People close to me know how much I’ve been spending to rectify all these blemishes on my face. It’s not that I’m vain, but mainly because I don’t think I deserve to have blemished skin. Modesty aside, I don’t think I’m ugly. I’m not drop dead gorgeous, but I think some people find me pretty. Despite having blemishes, I’m quite pleased that there are still people who find me attractive and I notice that there are even some who turn their heads just to take a second look at me. Some guys had guts to approach me but unfortunately, I don’t like them. Those that I find cute don’t approach me and we usually just end parting ways without exchanging numbers or even having a little chitchat. However, despite attracting a couple of guys, sadly, those whom I want don’t seem to find me attractive mainly because of my ugly skin. Oh well, I just hope that I’ll finally achieve the skin I’ve been wanting to have for the longest time! So help me God.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dentist trip and bonding with mom

I took a leave for the whole day since I thought that we might not have enough time if I’d still go to work. Besides, I didn’t want to come to the office looking haggard after commuting to the dentist’s office in Kabihasnan. My mom told me that there were shuttles going to Lawton which we can ride going to Kabihasnan, however, when we got to the terminal, the FX vehicles which passed by didn’t seem to take passengers. I was already getting disappointed so I urged my mom to just ride the jeepney despite the thought of being exposed in car exhaust since I really couldn’t bear the heat of the sun. Luckily, while we were waiting for the jeepney to be full, we saw the shuttle stop by the terminal and took the passengers waiting under the shade of a big umbrella. Apparently, we were waiting at the wrong terminal!

We arrived at the clinic at around lunch time and I was the first one served by the dentist. My right molar was saved from further cavities by putting pasta, while one of my front teeth seemed to have a really big damage that I still had to go back after a week to take off the temporary filling she placed. I was kinda intimidated by the dentist so I didn’t ask her why she didn’t finish the job on that particular tooth. Good thing my mom asked it for me and the dentist said that the cavity was already deep in the tooth that I may not be able to tolerate the pain if she tried fixing it that same day. I had a hard time getting used to that temporary filling since I was worrying that the filling might come off and I would accidentally swallow it. Besides, it also tastes like tooth medicine so it was really bothersome.

When it was my mom’s turn, the dentist told her that she might need to replace her old dentures since one tooth already fell off and she might not be able to repair it anymore. When asked about how much she has to pay, I heard the astounding P8,000! The dentist already gave her a huge discount since the price only covers for the materials needed, because normally she prices it at P15,000 to include labor fee. The dentist told me that I could pay for it first since she knew that my dad doesn’t earn from most of his projects (all IOUs which never got to be paid). I only gave her a smile as a response since I am not quite sure if I can give that sum considering the huge credit card debt that I had to pay for this month.

Since the dentist was a churchmate of my parents, she was kind enough to allow us to leave without paying anything since she knew that I’d have to come back the following week. Besides, I also didn’t have cash that time and my bank account was about to be depleted [looking forward to bonus day!]. We left the clinic at around 1pm and I almost considered going to work but I thought that I somehow needed a break so I might as well just go out with my mom. At first I was hesitant to go to the mall and would just rather go to the grocery to buy food supplies. But of course, I heeded to my mom’s request so we got off at SM Sucat. I really didn’t want to go to the mall because knowing my mom, she wouldn’t leave without buying anything, and you know it, I’d have to pay for whatever she buys. She was very excited to go the department store and picked out 2 bags and a blouse. As much as I tried controlling myself from buying anything, I finally gave in and also bought 2 blouses for myself. Hence, I paid almost P3,000 for all the stuff we bought.

When we’re about to go home, I told my mom that I’d go to the derma at the Fort. She brought all the stuff we bought and we parted ways in Sucat Exit. It was already past 5 then and I was worrying that I might not arrive at the clinic on time since the traffic along SLEX was quite heavy. Finally, I arrived in Buendia at past 6pm. I was expecting that there would be taxis waiting near the overpass but apparently, there was none so I went to those parked near Shell. I approached the group of drivers and said that I’d go to the Fort. I was quite shocked when they quoted P300 since there was heavy traffic. Sensing that these people were taking advantage of commuters, I opted to ride a jeepney traversing the stretch of Buendia, hoping that I can get a taxi near Petron. Alas, it has been more than 30 minutes of waiting and changing locations yet I haven’t gotten any taxi yet. The derma’s secretary told me that the doctor needed to leave early since she was sick, so I replied that they could go ahead and asked if they would extend the promo since I didn’t have any other time to go to the clinic. They didn’t heed to my pleading and insisted that the promo is only until the 15th. Not wanting to pass the chance of availing the buy 1 take 1 promo for pixel laser, I just told them that I’d try to go back the next day. I then left quite disappointed that I wasn’t able to accomplish what I was supposed to do. I felt like I wasted effort and money since it was my only agenda that night.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

crazy laptop

ugh, i've been wanting to compose a lot of entries today but this skyooopid laptop doesn't seem to cooperate! this is really stressing me out! every time i view a page, it always starts at the very bottom and when i try scrolling it up, it still won't budge because the scroll bar just go downwards and i just see my screen blinking because of the opposing directions. to cope with it, i had to hold "control+home" just to read the topmost part of the webpage. i also use page up and page down to get to the middle sections.

what's worse, i'm really finding a hard time inserting text because the cursor always goes to the end of the line. super hassle! i hate it! i'll just post my other entries when this skyooopid laptop has already been repaired. 

i've been longing to replace this skyooopid laptop just 2 months after purchasing it because i bought this on an impulse - not putting much thought if this would really give value for my money. talk about buyer's remorse. i was eyeing for an acer then but the model that i preferred based on my initial research, was out of stock that time in any of the computer stores in park square. since we were already there and i felt the pressure to buy because i was with my mom and my brother was waiting for us around the corner with the car (because he didn't want to park), my criteria for buying then were already limited to affordability and having the basic features (windows vista os, dvd writer, wi-fi enabled, memory card reader, at least 1gb ram). since asianic presented this model along with other freebies such as optical mouse, headset, and bluetooth, i opted to get this instead.

but after using this for a while, i have been encountering lots of problems like constant system crashing, dead pixels, overheating. hay, such a pain in the a**.

Privado Branded Eyewear and Watches Sale on Nov 13!

thanks to shopcrazy, i got to know about this much-awaited sale event!

i've been on a lookout for eyewear and watches for the longest time and thank heavens for sale events like this because i find mall prices to be a wee bit expensive. :) being a cheapskate, i just opt to window shop in ebay and find myself drooling over the watches that i like. yes, i just window shop and drool because even if i already found the watch that i like, when i check on my bank account, it's then that i realize how poor i am. it's really sad, being a graduate of economics, i should know how to budget my hard-earned meager salary. oh well, that really sucks. good thing this sale accepts credit cards and installment! wee! but just to make it clear, i'm not a slave of that infamous plastic, ok? i pay my bills in full and on time so i don't incur interest. if there's anything that i really hate paying for, that would be interest charges! darn, it's really a waste of money because you ain't getting any value from paying interest. yeah, it is the "cost of borrowing" but if there's a way for you to avoid paying that, then do the right thing.

oh well, i'm ranting again. i just really really hope that i don't forget to go here. i'll put an alarm for this after work hours so i'd go straight to the venue! *excited* i'm looking forward to see a brand new watch on my wrist on friday! 

Friday, November 6, 2009

LOMA's over!

LOMA was officially over. At last, I finished all the exams for the FLMI designation and now all I have to do is wait for the results on December 5. I only took the Actuarial exam for an hour (time allocated was 3 hours) and didn’t even bother to check my answers. For as long as there are no numbers left blank, that’s already good enough for me.

Since I was not very confident about how I reviewed, I even took a half-day leave from work just to have time to answer the sample exams that I photocopied. It took me almost 2 hours to get to the office since the shuttle had to be full before leaving, and alas, the arrival of people was very slow. Actually, I could’ve gotten in the previous shuttle that was about to leave when I arrived at the terminal, if not for some kiddo who appeared from nowhere. Of course, the bitch in me was so furious that I inadvertently mouthed curse words and frowned the whole time. Me and my short-temper. I should really take lessons in Anger Management. Too bad I was not in a good mood to make pa-cute to the cute guys I was riding the shuttle with.

I came to the office in time for lunch but I locked myself in our area to cram for the last time. I didn’t bother eating lunch anymore since I was really paranoid about having a mental block come exam time. To keep me amped up while studying, I was playing my trusty happy songs: Chillin by Wale feat. Lady Gaga, Millionaire by Far East Movement, Love Today by Mika, Firestarter by Prodigy, etc. Alas, my officemate came in for a catnap and was complaining about the “senseless noise” I was playing so I just asked him to bear with me since I really needed to boost my energy and wake up my sleepy head. He didn’t complain further since he knew that I was already panicking about the forthcoming exam.

As soon as I finished, I immediately went to our area with an intention of bragging how early I finished the exam. To my surprise, my officemate was not there so I had no one to brag it to. When I opened my email, I was reminded that there was a blood-letting drive on the East Side Lobby, so I tried inviting another officemate who I bumped into inside the ladies’ room. I told her that I’d eat first then I’d drop by their area so we could go there together. Since the blood-letting activity was only scheduled until 3pm and my officemate who promised to accompany me was nowhere in sight, I decided to go there on my own since I’ve been really wanting to donate blood so I can get rid of wastes that may have accumulated over time and also allow my body to generate new blood. While filling out the questionnaire, I thought that they might not allow me to donate since I was having some cough that time, but good thing they still let me pass since my cough was not phlegmatic. They got blood from my right arm even if I told them that they were having a hard time getting blood from there last time since my vein was too thin. Luckily, it seemed that my right arm was already cooperative this time around since I didn’t experience the same problem as before.

Since my mind was already in weekend mode for the rest of the afternoon, I forgot that I had to arrange a meeting with the team tasked to develop the product I’m currently working on. Argh! Me and my forgetfulness.

Monday, November 2, 2009

blame it on the alcohol

last night, while i was watching pinoy big brother double up, i remembered how wasted i was when we went to bureau in a. venue, makati last month. seeing mariel so drunk and giving her housemates lots of hassle for having to pick her up everytime she fell brought back the memories of that fateful night to my consciousness.

it was my first time to go there. i didn't hesitate to accept the invitation because i wanted to acquaint myself with different clubs in the metro and of course, i want (or should i say love?) to dance. i enjoy the feeling of being inside the club since i can let loose and just bring out my crazy side without being judged for acting inappropriately. i love listening to upbeat music and just groove to the beats. if some people sing while taking a shower, in my case, i dance. i bring anything that can generate the music i want inside the bathroom (or even toilet)- my mp3 player with speakers, my cellphone, my PDA, or my sister's PSP - then dance to my heart's content because of course, i know no one's looking.

we started the night by having the 2 free drinks that came with being part of the guest list - vodka sprite and rum coke. after downing 2 glasses, my companions wanted to be tipsy some more so someone came up with the bright idea to buy a bottle of cuervo despite the very steep price (we bought it for Php2,400 when you can buy the same size in cash and carry for just around Php300+)! after much hesitation, i finally heeded so i won't appear to be the party pooper.

the 2 welcome drinks seemed to have hit me already so when i drank the first shot of cuervo, i was already buzzed. but of course, for the sake of camaraderie, i pretended to be a-ok. a couple of minutes later, i was pulled from our group by some guy and next thing i knew, i was already surrounded by them. good thing i was still relatively conscious so i didn't do anything that i'd regret later on. anyway, the group had to leave early so after i introduced each of them to my friends, we got our second round. it was then that the booze really hit me - hard!

my head felt so light like i was floating and my vision was already blurry. not only that, i couldn't walk or even stand straight. i was wearing high heels then and we weren't at the lounge area so we just had to stand the whole time. just imagine the agony that i was going through. since i really wanted to just take some rest and sit, i excused myself to go to the ladies' room. my friends probably noticed that i've been gone too long so they went there to check on me. i kept on assuring them that i was fine and i just needed to rest. since i got myself in a cubicle, i've been sitting on the toilet bowl trying to get a catnap to somehow ease the buzz on my head. since they were too persistent and i didn't want to keep them waiting for too long, i already forced myself to get up and went with them back to our table. i was so parched and the alcohol made it worse. so even if the waiters were not allowed to give house water, i pleaded to one of them. perhaps he sensed that i was already so inebriated, he secretly took out a glass of water and i gorged on it as if i'd been out in the desert.

not wanting to waste a fine night, i continued dancing on the dance floor despite my sorry state. my head felt so light but my body seemed to be giving up already. i couldn't carry my weight anymore that i just fell everytime i tried to stand. i was dancing like a madwoman on the dancefloor pushing everyone aside that some people might have already been hurt. my friends probably wanted to keep me from doing further harm so they decided to just go home. dang, the night was still young! too bad. as we were finding our way out, i could sense the piercing gaze of people around us. some of them probably were my "victims" whom i hurt inadvertently because of my drunk dancing.

it was indeed a good night. and until now, i can't wait to hit the clubs again for another round of dancing. this time, no more (or perhaps just a bit of) alcohol.

in search for an alternative

[i just noticed, i'm on a roll tonight! it's already my 4th post for the day. take note, i made it all from scratch.]

since i was lazy to go to my derma to replenish my stock of 4% erythromycin gel (i had to go all the way to tiendesitas!), i thought of trying out some skincare stuff (again!), being influenced by jillsabs' post and the promise written on the box:

if it's too small to read, let me spell it out for you: "100% of people saw clearer skin in 1 day!" what's more, the pimple gel claims to "reduce redness and pimple size in just little as 4 hours!" i'm too gullible for those things so i easily give in to the marketing hype. when products mention my skin concerns, i have this bad tendency to self-pity and decide to give it a shot, no matter how much dent it puts on my wallet. so going back to clean and clear, do its claims sound too good to be true? we'll see in the coming days.

this cost me P550, definitely much cheaper than Proactiv, but i hope it delivers.