Wednesday, February 3, 2010

if i were a boy...

I've seen a lot of pretty girls today and it made me realize how fortunate it is to be a man. The world is just full of nice and gorgeous women that a man can only take his pick who to approach. With good sense of humor and wit, I bet any guy can already snag a good-looking lady! Lucky bastards! Girls, on the other hand, no matter how brainy or funny they may be, only have a slim chance to be pursued by a guy if they look like plain Janes. We need to prove a lot or make extra effort to primp ourselves just to be noticed. Hmpf!

A guy can dress trashy, do gross stuff, act stupid, look unkempt, be messy, have blemishes, and be ill-mannered, but girls will still find them attractive. Sadly, if a girl has those attributes, more often than not, she'll be bound to Singlesville. I am not implying that ALL single ladies are like that, of course, I also have the same status and I definitely won't describe myself like that. Some just chose to be single, some became single out of certain circumstances, while a portion of the female population [and I'd like to think only a very few] are still single because they're unattractive - this does not necessarily mean physically but in other aspects as well [I'd say I belong to this category not because I think I'm ugly but there's probably some vibe in me that wards the guys off].

Really,  given a choice, I'd rather be a man. There are lots of adorable girls out there who can be worthy of the love I could give. BUT reality bites. I am a girl. Sadly, I haven't seen the fortunate guy yet. And I don't care. I am single and fabulous.