Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Super Love Weekends!

Who does not love weekends? After 5 days of toiling in the office - finishing projects, meeting co-workers, and replying to endless e-mails - diligent employees like us truly deserve a break! So my super friend, Nescy and I, always see to it that we make our weekends superb! We are adventurous and fun-loving gals so we try a lot of super exciting stuff together - partying at the club, chilling out in a cozy bar, trekking and spelunking, running in a marathon, practicing yoga, going to the beach, and the list goes on! In fact, this coming weekend, we will hike to Mt Pulag! So excited! I'm looking forward to more adventures with my super gal pal! 

Partying the night away

Summer trip in Anvaya Cove

Spelunking in Sagada

Running 5k at the National Geographic Fun Run

Ziplining in Bukidnon

Celebrating birthdays at a friend's house

Singing our hearts out in a videoke place

Hope you'll choose us! :)