Thursday, May 20, 2010

could this be the end of my drinking career?

Last February, my dermatologist has prescribed me Isotretinoin for my skin problem. I took it for 6 months, once a day. Since this drug is very potent, I was advised not to get pregnant since this is teratogenic (as if this is applicable!), reduce my consumption of fatty foods, and worst of all, not to drink alcohol. Afraid of the possible consequences, I complied (not quite faithfully though) with the doctor's orders (I still drank alcohol once a month but with my doctor's permission).

After 6 excruciating months, I got so excited to finally go back to my old drinking habits that I didn't think twice in chipping in for a bottle of Cuervo in Bureau that cost us P2,400! Alas, after downing a shot, I immediately got buzzed. My friends and I took our second shot a couple of minutes later, and alas, my world already started to spin, my knees got weak that I can't stand, and I just felt so dehydrated (water in Bureau is not free!). I was so disappointed with how I fared during that drinking session, and all I could blame is that frickin' drug I took for 6 months. Because of not drinking alcohol  regularly for quite a long time, my alcohol tolerance has hit rock bottom that I could not even think straight after one shot.  

Thinking that my alcohol tolerance might have already improved, I tried drinking beer, vodka, and tequila last Friday. However, to my disappointment, I spitted out the tequila and in a matter of seconds, also puked all over my lap. Gee, I bet my friends were totally grossed out seeing and smelling my vomit. It was my first time to throw up in public! Totally embarrassing!

Hence, after giving some thought, I have decided to love my liver more and minimize my alcohol intake per occasion. I have gotten myself into trouble and embarrassment for a lot of times because of my unmindful drinking.


  1. i stopped drinking years ago :D

    i've been drinking since i was 11 or 12 (first year high skul)

    and im sure u can have fun without drowning yourself in alcohol

    gud luck dear :D

  2. Hi sis! new follower here, follow mo naman ako thank you! :D